Optimization of Processing System Oil Field Haftkel

Optimization of Processing System Oil Field Haftkel

Client: National Iranian South Oil Company


The field is located between Naft Sefid and MaNaTin in the northeast of Ahwaz. The field was discovered in 1306 and it was the first tank of the gas injection. The length and width was respectively, 32 and 4/8 and now two units operating of Haftkel 1 and Haftkel 4 is responsible for processing oil field. To optimize processing system and also collection and gas injection oil field of Haftkel, is scheduled to take the following actions:

Construction of manifold and cluster with a capacity of 8,000 barrels per day in the area of Haftkel 1 and use an oil Pipeline to transport oil to the center facilities of Haftkel.

Haftkel construction of facilities in the vicinity of the unit operation of Haftkel 4 included:

  • Tapping unit and oil pumping station with 25000 capacity barrels per day
  • Gas compressor station with a capacity of 11 million standard cubic feet per day and delivery of gas to gas injection manifold.

Construction of ancillary facilities required such as power transferring line, high voltage electricity posts, telecommunications stations, etc. construction of 12 inch pipeline about 44 km from unit operation of Haftkel to unit operation of Maroon.

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