Increased Production of Kabod Oil Field

Increased Production of Kabod Oil Field

Client: National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC)


Kabod oil field is located in 70 kilometers north of Andimeshk.


The project was to increase the production of oil field up to 12 thousand barrels per day was associated with observing avoid burring gases and avoid compliance is included:

  • Construction of 2 well head equipment (KB2 , KB3)
  • Construction of two series of pipeline 6-inch ground wells KF2 KF3 with Length approximately 6 Km
  • Development Of Kabod Separation Field( KSF)
  • Construction of 10- inch underground pipeline to transport oil along the pipeline as a loop in Ghalenar green water manifold with an approximate length of 59 Km.
  • Development of Ghale-Nar Production Unit. (GPU)
  • Development and optimization of the pumping system and transferring oil of Ghalenar’s production unit to manifold Sabzab
  • Construction of a carbonated reservoir in the vicinity of the Ghalena Production Unit
  • Development electrical facilities
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