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Employees are considered as a major capital asset and the main factor in achieving competitive advantage in any organization besides in the complex business environment, the role of competent and committed staff is undeniable. In OEID we concentrate on strategic and sustainable management of human resources in order to create value and competitive advantage for the company.

Part of the activities that will help us achieve this important HR considerations includes:

  • Considering Meritocracy Approach
  • Benefit from managers and experienced experts
  • Holding Specialized training courses for employees based on job requirement
  • On the job training under the guidance of well-trained leaders
  • Plans for upgrading the level of knowledge and skills throughout the organization
  • Creating equal opportunities of growth and excellence for all  employees
  • Efficient compensation System
  • Non-cash benefits and assistance to increase personnel satisfaction


Management Capabilities
Some of Management and support capabilities that facilitate attaining the goals of company:

  • Implementing ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 29001:2010 in the Organization
  • Use of Professional Design, Engineering, Controlling and financial Methods and software
  • Having financial support by valid banks
  • Comprehensive database from contractors and suppliers
  • Constructive Interactions with subcontractors, external experts and universities.
  • Developing communication infrastructures such as network connection with projects
  • Cost management in order to enhance efficiency
  • Time management
  • Quality oriented management in order to earn Value-added
  • Team work
  • The use of specific oscillation patterns to resolve different scaling issues of hydrocarbon fluid in Dehloran exploitation unit of oil field, for the first time in the industry by our R & D Dep.
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