Kish Petroleum Engineering (KPE)

Kish Petroleum Engineering (KPE)

Kish Petroleum Engineering (KPE) is the central core of upstream activities in Oil Industries’ and Engineering Construction (OIEC) Group. Today, KPE is involved in significant proportion of Iran’s market in various oil and gas upstream activities. The services start from seismic data processing and interpretation and end up with surface facilities conceptual design and economical evaluations and include the following:

  • Full field studies and preparing field Master Development Plan (MDP)
  • Drilling engineering and operation
  • Drilling logistic
  • Production engineering
  • Field monitoring and reservoir management Leading operation in order to achieve the most cost-effective and long-term production is our mission.

KPE is one of the most well known companies at geosciences and reservoir engineering in Iran. KPE has prepared MDP’s for over 20 oil and gas fields in Iran. In order to complete the chain of field management, the company entered drilling engineering and operation activities and has been involved in drilling 34 wells in both offshore and onshore. Planning and operation of completing wells is a part of KPE’s activities, in which international standards with high quality are being used to provide the best services.

Ongoing Projects

  • Supervision and technical consultancy (surface & subsurface) on Yadavaran oil field development plan.
  • Upstream technical services for drilling of 22 wells in South Pars gas field phases 20 & 21.
  • Consultant and supervision of Kish gas field development plan.
  • Integrated Logistics Services in Phases 20 and 21 South Pars
  • Azar Full Field Study & MDP Preparation Project.
  • Acid Fracturing in Azar Oil Field
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