In the Name of God
The policy of integrated management system
Oil and Energy Industries Development Company (OEID)

Oil and Energy Industries Development Company (OEID) works on developing oil and gas fields by utilization of expert manpower, developed systems and the updated technical knowledge of the world. This company performs it’s projects as management services, contract management, general contractor and consultation services and the outlines of the policy of integrated management system are declared in course of quantitative and qualitative development of company’s projects, protection of the environment and respecting the principles of sanitary and security of work environment on the basis of these standards: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSASI18001:2007 and ISO/TS29001:2010.
The outlines of the policy of integrated management system:

  • Market development via enter to upstream industries tenders and attempt to achieve more different projects.
  • Increase in Profitability & costs reduction by optimized resource management.
  • Development of technical knowledge, quality and management, supervision and execution of projects by employment of skilled staff and access to updated technical knowledge in oil and gas industries.
  • Try to improve beneficiary satisfaction by identification of their requirements and expectations on the basis of legal commitments.
  • Development of capable and faithful human resources and respect them and promote of staff consciousness, knowledge & skill.
  • Try to prevent the injury and illness and continual improvement in OH&S management and OH&S performance by supply of secure and appropriate workplace and development of safety & health culture.
  • Try to protect environment by identification, control and prevent environmental pollutants and optimum use of sources and energy and improve environmental culture.

I keep my promise to continual improvement of above-mentioned systems with complete belief in this policy’s substances and adherence to performance and annual review of principles and comply with the laws, qualitative terms and requirements, sanitary, security and environmental rules related to company’s activities and I expect all my co-workers try to provide context of realization substantiate of the policy with empathy and association.

Majid Habibi
Managing Director

Document No: MP-03-E