Exploration and Drilling

In order to enhance exploration and drilling capabilities, OEID recruits specialists and graduates from different fields such as Petroleum Engineering, Reservoir Engineering and Drilling engineering. Significant measures have been planned to achieve a preferable position and for this purpose we consider innovation, quality, safety, and responsibility in all our activities.

Geophysical services

  • 2D and 3D seismic design
  • Seismic data acquisition
  • Data processing
  • Data interpretation

Geological services

  • Sedimentology
  • Fracture studies
  • Counter map preparation
  • Prepare geological models

Reservoir engineering services

  • Well testing analysis
  • Full bore DST, WCt, GOR, temperature gradiant analysis
  • Rock and fluid interaction
  • Dynamic model of reservoir
  • Evaluation of reservoir Function
  • Reservoir simulation
  • Enhanced oil recovery studies
  • Optimization of reservoir management

Drilling Engineering and operation

  • Management and implementation of EPDS projects
  • Tender document for drilling projects base on EPDS
  • Drilling plan
  • Well completion plan
  • End of well report (EWR)
  • Time and risk management report
  • Project cost Analysis

Engineering and geology services

  • Control of the geology operation in throughout the drilling services
  • Thin section description
  • Geology operation supervision in mud logging unit
  • Core and plug description
  • Logging operation Supervision and quality control
  • Geological forecast
  • Lithology, sedimentology, thickness, sequence and pressure of layers and functions
  • Log analysis for GOC, WOC
  • Creating 3D models of reservoir with RMS and Petrol software
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