Execution and Construction

construction_site0001.jpg4cae7285-c54f-4ac1-b2f5-6405d253cd73LargerOEID has more than 20 years of experience in upstream oil and gas industry and is known as a prominent EPC company. OEID has the ability to manage and supervise projects, as well as implementation and construction in upstream oil and gas industry through its facilities and specialists.
Company’s Advantages in projects:

  • Having capable and experienced staff in different departments such as mechanical, electrical, civil, instrument, planning and project control
  • Handling project operation via CCTV and videoconferencing between operational units and head office
  • Completion of incomplete projects of other contractors
  • Operate projects to client’s satisfaction
  • The use of specific oscillation patterns to resolve different scaling issues of hydrocarbon fluid in Dehloran exploitation unit of oil field, for the first time in the industry by our R & D Dep.
  • Integrated storage systems throughout operational units
  • Set up committee In order to make on time and efficient decisions
  • Adjusting shifts in operational units to get the projects done on time


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