Consulting and supervision of project drilling Azar oil field development

Consulting and supervision of project drilling Azar oil field development

Client: Sarvak Azar Engineering Development (SAED)

Type of project: supervision

Location: 20 Km Southeast of Ahvaz

Brief description of project goals:

Daily production 65,000 barrels oil includes 30,000 daily production barrels oil early production (EP), and 65,000 barrels oil in the final production (EP).

Description of field:

Drilling of oil field of Azar includes 3 separator packages just EPDS that offered to contractors. Each package includes drilling engineering services, supply of goods, providing drilling services, transportation services, operation base preparation, and well completion. Totally 19wells will be repaired and drilled.

Work explanation:

Drilling well includes 16 production wells, and 1 work over, 1 delineation well that is defined in three packages.

First package includes 1 observational well, and 1 work over well and development and production wells that awarded to the winner of the tender.

Second package includes 6 development and production wells and 1delineation that awarded as an EPDS package to other contractor.

Third package includes 2 oil wells production.

Based on the history and recent experience of drilling in adjacent field, the progress of drilling operations estimated 350 days for observational wells and for production and delineation wells 250 days, work over well Azar -02 about 100 days. Drilling services required includes drilling mud (fluid), cementing, stimulation and acidizing, wire line logging and perforation, coiled tubing, tubing running , well testing, wellhead equipment, casing and tubing running, coring, liner hanger, mud logging from drilling mud (fluid), west management.

The range of work includes all aspects of work, and only in the range of engineering, drilling operation , transportation, engineering geology, geological operations, survey and control of all the services required, planning, HSE, project control , quality control, organization, and is not the relationship between them.

The contractor is responsible for overseeing the work of acceptance, implementation of standards for drilling operation and geological exploration

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