16-Oil fields Development Program

16-Oil fields Development Program

National Iranian South Oil Company because of increasing internal & external needs to hydrocarbon resources needed to sustainability and continuous increase oil production. For this purpose the exploration and development of oil fields is in the first place in its programs. In this regard west oil field development project in the form of development plan of the 16-fiels and Cheshmekhosh has been handed over to OEID.

The plan included preliminary examination of seismic operations, processing, interpretation of seismology, and comprehensive studies of storage and preparation of development plan and then engineering studies, designing and installation of wellhead equipment’s, Flow Pipelines and transferring of associated oil & gas, development and operation of new units, desalination and modernizing existing systems in order to increase west with capacity 137,000 million barrels per day, in different plant is running from 2001 fields production

Completed Projects of 16 Oil Fileds Development Program

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