Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC)

PEDECPetroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) was established in 1994 aiming at supervising the engineering and development of projects by planning, engineering, constructing, and implementing giant oil and gas projects at National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). PEDEC, as the development arm of NIOC, studies and operates development projects to explore, extract, and produce crude oil, natural gas, and other solid and liquid hydrocarbons (save for coal) to meet NIOC’s requirements, improve upstream technology, and make the most of local sources in implementation of projects. Presently, PEDEC enjoys about 500 well-experienced technicians and capable managers.
To implement a large number of onshore and offshore projects, PEDEC is working with many engineering and contracting companies both within and outside the country’s borders. The company, thereby, provides a platform for the transfer of technology in oil and gas related projects and ushers in an era of technology self-sufficiency in Iran.