National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)

NIGCUsing natural gas as a heating fuel is one of the various usages of this precious fuel. With respect to natural gas plentiful value added to the national economy and its capability for being converted into thousands of valuable commodities in the petroleum and petrochemicals industry, one can realize the real and major importance of natural gas. The growing need for gas to provide energy and fuel, and the foreign currency resulted from sales and export for investment and launching infrastructural industries in the country, reinforced the idea of bundling gas industry related activities. Therefore, in line with this, and based on the legal statute, NIGC as one of the four major subsidiaries of Iran’s Petroleum Ministry was established. The initial capital of the company amounted to RLS 25 billion, in 1965. Since its establishment, NIGC has gradually achieved capabilities and has managed to have access to various sources and facilities such as experts and efficient human force equipped with scientific and theoretical vision and knowledge; tools, equipment, machinery and various advanced workshops for implementing its operations proportionate with the country economic and social development trend. NIGC has also benefited from gas, which is one of the major fuels used for energy production and providing a part of the required currency of the country. At present, NIGC is carrying out its tasks in compliance with international valid standards on its own. Right now, NIGC is one of the top ten gas companies in the gas industry in the Middle East, and one of the four major subsidiaries of the Petroleum Ministry. Being responsible for providing over 61 percent of the country- required fuel, it has over 45 years experience. The company, in terms of providing gas, has an important position both inside the country and abroad. In line with this, and proportionate with its needs and expansion of its activities in the country and abroad, NIGC has taken measures to revise its structure. While maintaining and reinforcing its potential in terms of hard ware and software, NIGC has recruited experts and/or trained staff, and has updated its experienced staff knowledge.
At present, the number of NIGC permanent staff amounts to 18000 persons; meanwhile, over 18000 contractor staff works with NIGC.