3D Seismic survey of Khangiran

3D Seismic survey of Khangiran

Client: Iranian Central Oil Fields Company (ICOFC)


Field of Khangiran is located at a distance of 45 km from Sarakhs and 180 km from Holy Mashhad and near the border of Iran and Torkamanestan.

Extensive 3-D studies are in place because of the importance of required information for a better understanding on the horizontal extent and depth of Shurijeh Mozdoran and Kashfrod, in specific, reservoirs in order to explore hydrocarbon and gas reservoirs and their possible connection with Torkamanestan from reservoir point of view. For this purpose, Iranian Central Oil field Company, as the Client over the tender process awarded the 3D seismic operation of Khangiran to OEID. The area to study was 480Km2. The project approximately consists of 61 source lines, 93 receiving lines, 27,500 shut points, 58 points UP HOLE and 157 points of LVL.

The project ended in 2010

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